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Andromax Prime Unlock - Hello buddy, how are you doing today? is it alright, hopefully today will be even better. Back again with us who always...
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Andromax Prime Unlock – Hello buddy, how are you doing today? is it alright, hopefully today will be even better.

Back again with us who always provide knowledge and insights about technology that is currently warm.

This time we will provide tricks and tips for friends, not about applications or games, but we will discuss about tricks using andromax prime phones.

Do you already know about this Andromax phone? yes this phone is indeed the output of smartfriend manufacturers, but different products.

There are so many who still do not know about this phone, there are so many uniqueness found in this phone, from the existing applications and to the os it uses.

Unlike the smartphone phones in general andromax prime phones are still not full touch screen.

For more details my friend can listen to this article, we will explain what are the uniqueness and tricks of using this phone so that it can be open source.

We will explain how to andromax prime unlock and how to root andromax prime, continue to see this article friend.

Andromax Prime is a mobile phone output from a smartfriend manufacturer that has a unique appearance.

Mobile phones that have villages that are similar to cell phones of antiquity, have keypad buttons that are different from smartphones today.

The keypad that is used is still in the form of keys that contain letters, do not hope my friend will be able to touch the screen of this phone.

Because this phone is not a touchscreen, the display is still old school makes this phone less popular.

But behind the shortcomings in the display, my friend would not have thought, because this phone has many uniqueness.

Andromax Prime Mobile operating system

Andromax Prime cellphone is already equipped with a os that is said to be unika, this os is the result of modification of the android os which is said to be middle class, namely the Android OS KitKat.

So this phone can install android applications as usual? no friend, still this Andromax cellphone cannot be installed as usual smartphone applications.

But this phone is already equipped with the default application that is whatsapp, instagram, and facebook.

So how do you install the Android application on Andromax? the way is my friend do the root and unlock process which we will explain later.

Performance Mobile

Equipped with 512MB RAM and 4GB internal memory and you can increase the internal memory up to 32 GB, this cell phone with old school look will make you dumbfounded.

With the old school look but has specifications like Android in general, not only that.

Andromax Prime Unlock is also equipped with a 4g network, so you can access the internet on this cellphone at high speed.

Do you still underestimate this cellphone? and also this phone has a very large battery capacity of 2000mh.

Andromax Prime Cellphone Prices

For the price of Andromax prime, it is very affordable, only sell Andromax Prime Unlock at a price of Rp.150,000 to Rp.270,000.

Very cheap yes, friend, at an affordable price you already have the quality as we have explained, what is wort it?

Back again to my friend, with different needs – different, must have a different opinion.

But in our opinion at an affordable price, my friend can already enjoy the 4g network and whatsapp application on a tiny cellphone, it’s worth it.

And for the advantages and disadvantages of Andromax Prime phones, you can refer to the following explanation:

Andromax Prime’s strengths and weaknesses

Some of the advantages of andromax prime owned by this cell phone should not be underestimated, what are the advantages?

Simple Display

Many people are troubled when going to move from using an ordinary cell phone, to an android cellphone.

Because the appearance of an android phone is very different from ordinary cell phones.

But this Andromax Prime phone, has a display that is not much like an ordinary cell phone, but has features that are not much different from Android phones.

Affordable prices

The price of this Andromax Prime phone is very cheap, which we have explained above, this phone is only priced at 200 rb.

Compared to the cheapest android phones with a price range of 800 rb, andromax phones can be used according to their needs.

Are you interested in buying this Andromax phone?

Whatsapp Application available

This is a feature that is very surprising for users of this phone, because whatsapp is usually used on Android phones.

But Andromax mobile already has whatsapp application, not only that, Instagram and Facebook applications are also available.

Because this android mobile os is a modification of the os or the adoption of the os kitkat.

4g network

In addition, this Andromax Prime cellphone is also equipped with a 4G network, typical of the Smartfriend network, with the 4G network, you can access the internet through this Andromax cellphone very quickly.

Because the data on the cell phone is not as big as on an android cellphone.

But this cellphone also has its drawbacks, what are your friends to lack this Andromax Prime cellphone?

Andromax Prime’s shortcomings

The disadvantage of this Andromax Prime phone is that it only has one SIM card slot, and it can only be used for this type of CDMA.

So my friend can only use smartfriend starter packs.

But friend, just calm down, we will give tricks to use a GSM card in Andromax Prime.

You do this by doing the unlock and root process on the cellphone, the usefulness is to open the gsm card service on the cellphone.

And install the application like an android cellphone, for the way you can see it below.

Use of Root on the Ancromax Prime Cellphone

To use a GSM card, you can use a starter card other than a CDMA card, such as Andromax Prime Unlock Telkomsel, you can use the Telkomsel card.
Install the Android application, you can install other applications, such as Instagram, Facebook.
And Kingroot for Andromax Prime, there are many more for the root use of Andromax’s priphone.

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