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Bokeh Video Full – Hi Friend, Uptodown, how are you? I hope it is always healthy so you can continue to stay waiting for the latest updates Mimin every day. Of course Mimin always provides an application, game and tips on the latest and most popular tricks for my friend Uptodown.

In this article, Mimin will recommend an application that you really need for your video content, which is the Bokeh Video Full application. Curious as to what the application and its advantages can you, keep listening to the review below.

Many people are now suddenly becoming pros when it comes to making cinematic videos. Not because they suddenly have a good digital camera but with the touch of a camera on their smart phones.

No wonder so many smartphone outputs that have the latest cameras are very superior, this is also proved by the existence of four cameras that have been installed on several smartphones.

Although it cannot match the advantages of digital cameras but it is very sufficient for users who want to create creativity such as photography and videography.

The thing that is usually on the portrait side of the picture that we might already know all, but for the video capture side. Of course it’s approaching digital cameras like stabilizer, slowmotion and even bokeh features. Nothing is impossible now, friend, feel.

However, all of that must be supported by good applications and support found in your cellphone camera hardware. It would be very useless if our phones have been supported in terms of hardware but the application can only do simple things like taking pictures and some ordinary effects.

Lots of applications that are spread through the Play Store that allows you to take photos and videos very well. Especially if the application supports making bokeh videos, surely this will be very fun.

To know it all, my friend can continue to see more complete reviews in the reviews below. Of course you will not be disappointed when you find out.

Bokeh Application

Well, this is of course Buddy waiting for and this time Mimin will recommend a camera application that can make your videos more elegant and of course bokeh. Friend can try everything if you are curious about the results of the picture.

All full video bokeh applications have their advantages and disadvantages and you can choose according to your needs. Immediately, here are some full video bokeh applications that are summarized only for Uptodown Friends.

Real Bokeh – Light Effects

The first bokeh video application that I would like to recommend is the real bokeh – light effects application. The real bokeh application is a video editing application and this photo can give a bokeh effect to the videos that you record. Using this application will make your videos very realistic and have a beautiful lighting effect.

The results of the video will be more beautiful if there is enough light in the video. The light that will add to the bokehnya effect looks more real. If you want to try this application, you can get it on PlayStore and of course it costs 24 thousand rupiah. But take it easy Mimin will provide a download link for free.

After Focus

The next video bokeh application is AfterFocus. This full jpg bokeh application is a photo editing application that makes you give the old-fashioned blur effects to images that you capture from cameras like SLR.

The best part about this application is that it can do a fairly simple editing in just less than a minute, you can complete your photos.

When you are applying the pok bokeh blur effect, you have two choices: manual and also automatic. Of course you like the manual mode that only uses your fingers to illustrate which part of the photo of the wallpaper bokeh you want to focus on.

Whereas the second option allows you to do the same thing but in a much faster way. Looks like magic. Friend, you only need to write or write and this bokeh photo application will do the rest.

Square Video – Video Editor

The next bokeh background application is the square video application. Of course this application is very minimum recommend, because my friend can add the full HD video bokeh effect to videos that people usually post on Instagram. As for others, you can choose a background with a different color and more interesting.

Square video can facilitate if you want to add some songs or even music to be included in the bokeh video. However, this full bokeh video application can only produce videos with a ratio of 1: 1 or box only. For the format that is produced from this application that is super HD, mp4, and 3gp.

YouCut – Video Editor

If you want to make a 2018 full album bokeh video there are no deductions. So this 2017 bokeh video application is arguably the best nomination for you to use. The resulting bokeh video can also be posted on any social media with original size and topnotch quality.

Google Camera

Well, this full movie bokeh application is very useful, because it is obtained directly from Google. And this bokeh google video without censorship becomes more HD and even has the best quality. Because Google has published an application that allows you to edit your bokeh videos quickly.

Google Indonesia bokeh camera can edit video bokeh, without censorship which is very amazing when used on our smartphone. However, this photography bokeh application can only be used on Google products or even smartphones that are compatible with Google. Nexus Smartphone.

That is the weakness of Google products, but it is not a weakness of functionality, because its features are very sophisticated and very attractive for users to try directly.

Mago Video

The next bokeh museum video application is mago video. Mago video is an android application that is used to edit cheap bokeh videos on android phones. When viewed from the features it is also very good and also the effects displayed on this application have effects that other applications do not have.

This application is obliged to install, although the size of the application is quite large, around 40 mb, and it also has a taste of this size, but with good results, it is quite commensurate and should also be installed. For the full bokeh link application you can download it below.

Camera MX

MX Camera application is an application that provides a very complete photo function for smartphones. Specifically in editing vacation trip pictures or videos.

There are various editing tools in this application that will certainly help you a lot in editing. By using one of the high-resolution video editing applications, users will be able to get high-quality images.

Insta Bokeh – Blend Camera

Well, for my friend who likes photo editing applications, you can try this application. This is because the insta bokeh application provides many effects on your photos so that the photos will look differently.

There are color adjustment options, and this application also has a lot of filters available. Of course this is perfect for my friend who likes selfies with lots of effects and dramatic photos. For its features, you can see below:

How to Install Apk

If you have already selected the application you want to try and are confused about how to install it. Take it easy, mimin will share how you can, friend, follow the steps below.

The first step, first download the file that has been sent to share the link above.
If you have already downloaded it, extract it first and don’t install it immediately.
First turn on “unknown source” or “unknown source” in the mobile privacy settings.
If the steps above have been done, click and install the apk file.
Wait until the installation process is complete.
Open the application and play the song.

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