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Car Parking Multiplayer is a driving simulation genre game that is now available on Google Play. Currently, the game has had a large number of downloads and received many positive reviews from players. It can be seen that this game has already gained a certain popularity in the gaming market.

The game can provide players with a lot of fun through driving.

When entering this game, you will have a familiar feeling like being in Japan. There are lots of people, lots of cars passing by or tall buildings. Developers have simulated the real world with the same things that players can do in driving this car.


This simulation game has the main objective of bringing real feelings to the players as best as possible. Because of this, they usually revolve around one theme and make it the best game ever. In the case of Car Parking Multiplayer, this game will not disappoint! Here are some of its features:

• Open World 3D – Similar to GTA games, this game allows you to explore the world completely without limits. That means you can walk, get around and explore the city. Everything that you will find in a city, you can find in this game: gas stations, car rental services, buildings, parks, and much more!

• Multiplayer – One of the main reasons the game is so successful is that it allows multiplayer. This means that you can compete with other people in real time. You can also exchange cars with other players when there is an agreement. In addition, like a true multiplayer game – there is a voice chat feature! You can also add it to your friends list so you can play non-stop. The good news is that there are thousands of players playing the game every day, so you won’t run out of people to play with and meet up with!

• Racing – Since this game involves a lot of cars, it would be a waste not to have a racing feature, right? That’s what the developers are doing too, so there’s a racing feature that has been added. Try to test your skills and your luck against thousands of other players from all over the world right in this game if you are bored with parking mode! Wild races and race to your heart’s content with openworld 3D and beautiful scenery all around you.

• Parking Mode – Of course, the main aspect of the game is Parking Mode. In this mode, you will start by driving a car and then you have to park it. But parking is not that easy in real life. You have to slowly but surely calculate the time and calculate the distance and speed when you park. In this game, there are 82 real life parking and driving challenges to conquer. It’s up to you to handle it and your reward will depend on how you park the car.

• Endless customization – In this game, you too can customize the journey to your heart’s content. You can adjust the suspension, wheel angle and more! You can also do engine tuning such as engine swapping, turbo, exhaust and gearbox. Then, you can add accessories to make your car more attractive, such as adding vinyl, replacement paint, and car body parts.

• Various kinds of cars – In this game, there are also various kinds of cars that you can collect – 70 plus to be exact. They all come with original interiors and come in all sizes and shapes. This will be a challenge in terms of parking and racing that you have to consider. However, that means it’s also fun to get around in a different car

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