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Deezer Downloader - Hello Friend Uptodown, back again with Mimin at Uptodown who always provides the latest updates about...
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Deezer Downloader – Hello Friend Uptodown, back again with Mimin at Uptodown who always provides the latest updates about technology. Previously, how are you today? Hopefully always given health huh. As usual Mimin wants to share an application, game and tips for the latest and most popular tricks every day.

On this occasion Mimin would like to recommend an application that is quite useful for undergoing various activities, this application can also be as entertainment if you feel bored. Introducing deezer downloader application, a music application that you must install.

This application is very well-known and is a mainstay application for searching and playing lots of songs. Curious as this application just refer to the review below.

Now there is no need to bother to listen to many songs, because there are many media that provide for you to do activities such as listening to songs. Especially now it has been made easier to get the song you want.
One of the most used media by people is through applications on their smart phones. This has caused a lot of music player android application launching. For the quality itself is highly recommended for download.

Music player applications are countless, even these applications are of two types, namely online music player applications and offline music players. Both of course have their own advantages.

Previously Mimin had recommended a number of music player applications, one of which was famous is Sportify. But for this deezer application, it is no less great than that application.

Deezer application has many enthusiasts as evidenced by the number of 100 million downloads and 2 million active users. In addition, this deezer downloader apk app has a very good rating of 4.6 out of 5.0. Curious as to what its features are just refer to the continued review below.

Deezer application

Deezer is an application that allows you to listen to more than 20 million songs, where the song is free for you to play only through your cellphone.

Deezer itself is one of the first websites that already offers the ability for you to listen to music streaming for free where its old name is ‘Blogmusik’, which is starting to gain a variety of popularity among those who want to search for free music on the internet quite easily and also quickly.

The main difference from the Deezer application is that it not only offers its catalog to be uploaded for free thanks to the uploads that have been archived from its users but also opens a website for all artists and also labels who want to promote their music through a Web application.

In this interesting application that can run on Android, you can create your own play list and also mark the options you want to listen to whenever you want.

The requirement is that you only need to have an internet connection. Of course, you can upload your MP3 files to add to your collection and listen to them anywhere.

Deezer also now offers to make it possible to listen to new artists who are similar to what you like on the radio as a result of your personalization. Moreover, more than 30 radio themes that you want.

Deezer feature

Like other music applications, in this application you will find various features that you can get in the application. Here are some deezer features that you can have as follows.

Discover the Great Music Shop

To date, Deezer Music has a large music storage, known to more than 40 million songs that have been protected by copyright. It will also carry more than 40,000 podcasts on many platforms.

You can very easily access and also listen to any song you like via an internet connection. New songs will also be quickly updated on the application. Friend can listen to the latest songs from various famous artists such as Justin Bieber, Adele, Taylor Swift and many others.


In deezer application download Tampermonkey, you can choose various favorite channel options and enjoy many suggested songs. Deezer has offered many different channels for you to choose, based on the genre of music loved by users in every corner of the world.

Among other Indie, Hip-Hop, Pop, Rock, EDM, Blues and many more. You can also save your favorite channels and also listen to them indefinitely at any time.

To flow

For this one feature it will be very helpful in personalizing your music library with just one click. Now, you don’t need to waste time searching for your favorite songs and registered directly in the library.

The stream will provide various songs that you often listen to and your preferences for creating playlists, which helps

This will also allow you to discover the latest hits from the top artist boards and listen to popular songs that are playing on various radio channels.

Create and Customize Playlists

You can easily create playlists and also save your favorite songs. You can randomly bleed friends. Deezer can also create playlists that are opened based on playlists that you have created.

This will make it very easy to find the world’s top artist playlists and store them in your library. So you will quickly play it when you open the application.

Additional Lyrics

If you download this application and open it, the deezer application doesn’t just make you listen to unlimited music. But it also allows you to sing with artists through the lyrics returned right in the player application.

From a very large data store, you can search and also display the lyrics of the songs you like. You can also listen to songs on the radio and then search to display the lyrics.

Of course this is very helpful and this online music application without ads is compatible with the Sportify application which has the same features.

Download music

The same thing that the Spotify application can do, the deezer application allows users to download and save favorite songs and listen to them without an internet connection.

However, this feature is available free for Premium account users. The quality of music files can reach 320kbps, this is enough sound quality to be able to provide a great experience for professional music users.

Songs that you’ve downloaded will be saved directly on your device, so you can be approved and also install old songs easily with just one tap.

Mod Features

Not only the main features presented by this application, this application is a mod feature that has advantages over the original application contained in the Play Store. Following are the mod features including:

  • No Ads (Audio and video ads are blocked)
  • Skip songs are activated.
  • Authorizations were canceled through Google on the start page.
  • Audio quality that reaches high quality (320 kbps).
  • Sync your tracks to be able to listen offline.
  • Skip as many radio tracks as you like.
  • Premium Features Unlocked.
  • Abandoned Removing unwanted permissions and recipients and services.
  • Analysis or Crashlytics requested.
  • There are many others.

How to Install Apk

Buddy will not regret to have this application first, this application already has a mod in it. Immediately, my friend who wants to install this application can access the following steps.

  • The first step, download from deezer online for free, which has been the minimum share link above.
  • If you have downloaded the mod deezer, extract it beforehand and do not install it immediately.
  • First turn on “unknown sources” or “unknown sources” in the mobile privacy settings.
  • If the steps above have been done, click and install the apk file.
  • Wait until the installation process is complete.
  • Open the application and play!

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