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Download Bully - Hello friends, meet again with Mimin Uptodown who is present for your uptodown loyal visitors. How are you? Hopefully always...
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Download Bully – Hello friends, meet again with Mimin Uptodown who is present for your uptodown loyal visitors. How are you? Hopefully always healthy. Healthy physical, spiritual and healthy quota yes hehehe. . .

As always Mimin always shares a game, application and tips on the latest and most popular tricks for you guys. In this article Mimin will recommend a game that is mostly played by Android users. What kind of market? Let us refer directly to the review below.

Before reviewing it further, please note that this game is not intended for children. Because the flow of this game is a game that contains elements of violence. If you are not a person under general you can continue to listen to this game.

Friend in the 90s certainly never played this game, the first game in Play Station 2 was a very best-selling game of its time. Well, the game is Bully Apk. Hear his name. of course this game is a game that contains elements that are not good to be played by children.

But for those of you who want to be happy now, you can play android bullies. Even though this game has been released for quite a long time, there are still many who want to play it again. Now now Mimin will present in advance what is contained in the game bully: anniversary edition before sharing the link.

Bully Anniversary Edition Apk

Bully Anniversary Edition Apk Data is a game that tells the irony and unique social life that is usually presented by Rockstar Games. The fifteen-year-old Jimmy Hopkins character must be able to overcome the rot from inside the private BULWORTH school.

Buddy has to go through challenges such as fighting bullies, beating local athletes in guards, facing teachers, arranging practical jokes, stealing girls’ hearts and being a person who can survive in the worst school in the world.

Unlike the previous version, the Bully apk data will have missions, heroes, and more compared to Bully: Scholarship Edition Apk for Android.

In addition, when viewed in terms of texture, character models and also lighting that has been improved and additional support for the gamepad. Enjoy the great bully anniversary edition game download and once again go through to the end, if you have played it before on other devices.

For those of you who have played games like Grand Theft Auto, of course, will feel that this game is very similar to the free edition edition bully. Hehe is not surprised anymore because both of these games are games developed by the same developers.

Of course the game developed by Rockstar is a game that is widely played because of its excellent 3D graphics. It is very suitable for you who are relaxing at home or are taking a break from activities because this game can be played without an internet connection.

Game plot

Bully Game: Anniversary Edition is a game that is included in one of the most popular games in the Rockstar lineup. Surely you can play bully apk download this on an Android device.

The plot contained in this download bully stems from the life of the troubled schoolboy Jimmy Hopkins. This is where you can play characters from the Android download game.

The role of this character will be confronted by many injustices in the school. Arrogant students, corrupt teachers. – That’s only a small part of the amount of chaos that occurs at school. Can you deal with it?

Bully Game Features

Before you download this cool game, you can see what features the game presents as follows.

Complete Mission

The download game Bully Anniversary Edition presents a complete story with many additional missions. In addition, there are characters, classes, mini games, and items that are not included in the Bully: Scholarship Edition Apk game.

Graphic Gimik

When talking about the texture, it will never end. In terms of graphics with high resolution, dynamic lighting, shadows and also particle effects add to the impression of luxury in the game. Also do not dismiss my friend can get original graphics for high resolution display when using high end phones.

Sophisticated Effects

With updates from the previous series, this obb apk bully game is enhanced with Immersion TouchSense Tactile Effects

Easy Control

With the support of a physical controller, you will naturally feel easy touch controls with contextual buttons when you need it.

Cloud Save feature

You can continue downloading free Android bully games that you play smoothly on all your devices by using cloud save through Rockstar Games Social Club.

Multi-player feature

Challenge your friends anywhere with your friends challenges using the turn-based multi-player feature, Play when traveling and also get notifications when your turn.

How to Install Apk

To install this game is quite easy, you can follow the steps below.

  • Previously, you download the apk file that you have downloaded on the link that you shared above.
  • After downloading it, don’t install it right, buddy. Friend must turn on “unknown source” or “unknown source”.
  • If the above steps have been taken. Buddy click and install the apk file.
  • Wait until the installation process is complete.
  • Now the apk file has been installed.

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