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Drag Bike - Hi Buddy Uptodown, Welcome back with Mimin who never tired to always share a game, application and trick tips for...
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Drag Bike – Hi Buddy Uptodown, Welcome back with Mimin who never tired to always share a game, application and trick tips for Buddy Uptodown as well. As usual, Mimin wants to recommend a game with a racing genre. Curious as to what the game. Let’s get on with it, we refer directly to the review below.

Racing is a sport that sharpens adrenaline, can be done on the circuit even up to the road. Surely this is a very dangerous thing. Especially if we are not experts in driving it, even experts have experienced accident incidents.

There are several types of racing types, ranging from ordinary racing to drag racing. The mimin discussed is drag racing, of course even though it’s only a straight track but needs double security. In addition, good techniques are needed in controlling speed and gear shifting.

Instead of you facing a dangerous thing, it’s better you try to play it on the phone, a lot of racing games circulating on the internet one of which is an android game. Especially for the drag game itself Mimin would recommend one of the pretty good drag games, the 201m drag bike.

If you want to know more in detail about this drag motor race game, you can continue to see the review below, buddy. Come on, let’s face it!

201m dragbike game

Drag race Indonesia apk or known as drag bike racing games is an original game made in Indonesia. The game with the theme of a straight track motor racing is very popular with automotive lovers.

In terms of graphics too good enough, this is seen from the many motorcycle designs that you can choose to race for. The details are almost similar to the original that you often see in real. In addition, its features are no less great with similar games.

This game is very well suited for you who are looking for racing games, especially drag race games, there are many advantages that you can get from this drag bike motorbike game, one of which is its lightweight size. The size of this Indonesian drag bike version is 22MB. Wow, the game is very light, right?

Indonesian drag racing bike edition features

Actually there are still many features of Indonesian drag game there are still many others that haven’t been mentioned yet. Moreover, the gem drag feature that will be described below is the Indonesian mod edition drag bike racing feature.

Curious what are the features? Let’s see the features of the Indonesian mod motor drag racing game below.

Unlocked All Type Motorcycle

The first feature is all types of motorbikes open, in this mod drag racing game Indonesia of course there are various types of motorbikes. But not all are open and immediately selected to play.

By playing this Indonesian drag motor mod racing, you will be confused to choose a motor because it is unlocked hehe. There are motor types including Satria Fu, Ninja R, Jupiter Mx, Vixion, Jupiter Z and so on

Unlocked All Map Arena Drag

In addition to motorcycles that have been opened, you will certainly be able to enjoy a lot of arena maps in this 3D drag game. Of course you will not be bored to play drag racing mod game downloads with a variety of arena map variations that you can choose.

Unlimited Coin

Of course if you want to upgrade a motorbike, you must have enough coins. But sometimes it’s too difficult to play the game download drag bike 201m mod apk, that’s what causes difficulty to get coins.

By downloading the newest 201m Indonesia drag bike mod game android 2019, you will get unlimited coin or unlimited coin features. With this coin you can upgrade your favorite motorcycle. In addition, you can also get unlocked premium VIP features and maximize the speed of your motorbike.

Always Perfect Shift

Who does not want the vehicle to go steadily when on a straight track. In the game download drag racing mod Indonesia you will get it.

Unlimited NOS Speed

Wow, this mod is more crazy, if you download drag racing games for Android. Of course no one can beat your motorbike speed.

Unlocked All Skin Players

The mod that we discussed earlier seems to be more like a motorcycle, is there nothing else? Etsss. . . take it easy, friend, by downloading this android android drag bike game, you will be able to choose the rider costume with many choices.

How to Install the Game

To install this game is quite easy and also this game also does not require installation of OBB because the download file size of the Indonesian drag bike game is quite light. but for those of you who are still confused if you want to install it, you can follow the steps that Mimin gives below.

  • The first step you should take is to download the 201m drag bike game. How to download the 201m drag bike you can click on the link you have shared above.
  • After downloading drag bike racing mod apk, don’t install it right guys. Check beforehand on the cellphone settings whether “unknown source” or “unknown source” is turned on or not.
  • If the above steps have been taken. Immediately, you click on the Indonesian drag racing motor file that you downloaded.
  • Wait until the installation process of the Indonesian drag racing mod game is complete.
  • Open the game and plug in your gas!

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