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Geschool Learn is an application to be able to learn various materials and exercises made by teachers and schools online and mobile

The material consists of a subject topic. Each page is a specific sub-topic that can be studied by users and can express understanding on each of these sub-topics. Users can recap and analyze their understanding

Exercises consist of per package of questions. Each page is a question in the form of an objective that can be done by the user and provides an answer to each of these questions. User can recap and analyze the answer and accompanied by discussion

Users first follow the Teacher or School so they can learn the materials and exercises they have created

To study Materials and Exercises, click + in the lower right corner will display a list of Teacher Training Materials and Exercises that have been followed. If you haven’t followed the Teacher, Find and Follow

To learn materials and exercises from school, after clicking + in the lower right corner, click on School and a list of school materials and exercises will appear. If you haven’t followed the school, find and follow

As an Application developer, the Generasi Cerdas Mandiri Foundation established a Virtual SD Cerdas Mandiri School, a Smart Mandiri SMP and an Mandiri Smart SMA which provide Pilot Materials and Exercises
Join these schools according to their level, and get hundreds of Material topics and thousands of practice question packages for Free

The Geschool Tryout application is only a public service for users to learn materials and exercises by third parties (teachers and schools). The developer is only responsible for maximizing its features to make the best possible use of it. Everything related to Content is not related to the Geschool Application and is the responsibility of these Third Parties

The History menu is a history of all material and exercises that have been studied by the User. Results and Ranking and Recap and Analysis of a Material or Exercise can be seen again here

The My Group menu is the Material and Exercise menu provided by the Teacher specifically for certain users.
Contact your Teachers / Instructors to get Special Materials and Exercises from them

The My Class menu is the materials and exercises provided by the School and Teacher at the School specifically for registered users at the School
Contact the School Admin to get Material and Special Training from your School / Institution

The Program Menu is a special feature for various Material and Exercise Programs organized by the Smart Generation Foundation for Mandiri

User Geschool Learn has a profile that can be accessed by the public and can make friends with other users for integration and learning interaction

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