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Here I will explain about this gosensi application, with the auto headshot setting of screen lubricant sensitivity, so this application is an application to make the free fire sensitivity setting more accurate and can work optimally, because you can say that the weapon settings that have been applied can work. very well.

The control will also be easier and of course the character’s agility will increase, the settings in this application are commonly used by free fire pro players to participate in tournament events because apart from being easy to use, starting from the control distance to shots at free fire players will always be right on target like what do you guys want.

Actually this application has been around for a long time, but in the previous version there were still many shortcomings, and now it has made the latest update, which was version 1.2.3, now it has become version 1.2.4, making the sensitivity setting for free fire auto headshot because it is far away. even better. The auto headshot sensitivity setting of this application does not depend on the type of smartphone you are using, all types of smartphones can use it.

Even though the potato cellphone uses which have minimal specifications, the control will not change the alias is still active and maximal, so don’t be surprised if the auto headshot sensitivity setting of this application will feel very different from the previous setting, if curious I have prepared a download link- its as follows.

Application Features

There are some interesting features that make free fire players want to try this application, and the features that exist are of course also a superior feature of this application. So, so as not to be curious, some of them are as follows.

• Maximum control sensitivity
• Auto Headshot
• No Ngelag
• Support All Weapons
• Compatible with all devices
• Anti Banned
• Graphics Booster
• FPS Booster
• And other features

There are still several other features that you might try yourself later when you are using the application. So for those who are curious, please just download the application on the link provided.

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