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Kinemaster Diamond Pro - Hello, Uptodown, come back with Mimin UpTown, which in this article will accompany you. How are you? I hope...
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Kinemaster Diamond Pro – Hello, Uptodown, come back with Mimin UpTown, which in this article will accompany you. How are you? I hope that you are always healthy, so you can stay in every latest article. As usual Mimin will provide information about applications, games and tips on the latest and most popular tricks every day.

Well, for this article Mimin will recommend an editing application that is widely used by smartphone users, especially Android. The application is Kinemaster Diamond Pro. Curious as to what application we just refer to the review below.

Maybe you often watch videos from YouTube, videos on Instagram or from other sources. Buddy is also not surprised by the quality found in the video, right? because now there are so many smartphones on their cameras that are already of high quality.

There are even smartphones that have supported slowmotion which is very smooth. Besides that, what might be surprising is the high quality editing. Definitely use applications from a computer or PC.

Not really my friend, now there are lots of editing applications that have very good features, like the Alight Motion Pro, Kinemaster and many others. Especially for this application, many may already know and use it by downloading the Play Store.

The results of the video did not escape from very good editing, this certainly must be reviewed from its application. No wonder now many developers are competing to develop highly qualified video editing applications. Of course, kinemaster has everything you need.

There are lots of YouTubers who rely on this application and become the main application for editing YouTube video content, especially for my friend who does not have a high specification laptop. Kinemaster has become an alternative that you can rely on.

Kinemaster application

Kinemaster is an editing application that is very popular on smartphones today. Of course, the basic function of the Kinemaster Diamond Pro apkpure application is to edit videos on Android smartphones.

Which has been explained previously, this application already has many users. Lots of people download the latest kinemaster diamond v2 application with many features. This application can really turn your smartphone into a professional editing tool.

As for other things, the kinemaster pro mod 4.11.15 Indonesian video editing application has various features that can be used by users. There are many features in this KineMaster.

The main features include multi-layer menus, custom filters, 3D transitions and also the ability to combine multi-video. Of course editing using the kinemaster diamond pro mod application requires creativity for the user to integrate everything.

Reasons to Choose Kinemaster

Well, this is what I mentioned about the computer or laptop. Not all computers or laptops are eligible for video editing. Now the kinemaster diamond by kiky download application can be one of the solutions you have been searching for.

All editing activities that you do with this application will become easier with a smartphone. When discussing the results there is also no doubt that the unlimited kinemaster mod apk application is not inferior to applications found on PCs or Laptops.

KineMaster Pro can now give results that can be regarded as highly professional applications. Of course the user frees their skills and creativity in using the kinemaster mod angel roid app apk.

If users can mix existing filters, maybe no one will know whether the video was edited only on one Android smartphone. Especially for the maximum results, you have to use a clean video editor application that does not contain standard watermarks, one of which is the download application kinemaster mod apk free version 2019.

In addition, there are things that are annoying to watch the results of videos that you edit, namely watermarks or watermarks, especially if you cover the screen.

For example, the free version of the KineMaster application on Playstore includes a watermark. You can overcome this by buying the KineMaster pro version without the watermark needed for maximum results.

Kinemaster interface

Well, if you ever see the interface on this sfile kinemaster diamond application, it’s almost similar to mobile video editors in general. Kinemaster does not have a media section that provides available project clips. All of this goes back to the camera roll on your mobile device. Which means you only need to import the clip if you want it to be included in the project.

Of course this is not a very ideal solution because you can’t see the trailer and set entry and exit points for the part you want to use. You are required to do this after inserting the clip into your project. Of course this seems to be a universal limit for working with mobile devices.

The multifunctional interface is made cleverly, on the left there is an action bar whose tools change depending on what you choose on the line. Now for the timeline itself, there is at the bottom, even if you are already accustomed to editing such an application similar to the latest 2020 kinemaster it will be easy to edit it immediately.

Now there is something important if you want to overlap another clip, make sure that the first one is placed at the bottom end. It’s not hard enough how long it will take to get used to it.

Just a little information, in order to eliminate the watermark of course you have to buy the pro version. Of course, the pro version fixes a price of around $ 5.77 to use for 30 days or to subscribe and can also take advantage of other advanced functions, one of which is video trimming and clip enhancements.

Now, these are the tools that you need to understand, namely the media panel, in short, the media panel located on the right is where you can import media, create new layers, record sounds, delete clips or access the asset store.

Video Editing

When viewed from the editing side, it depends on the specifications of your device. The more clips and effects will certainly be heavier if your phone’s specifications do not support. Moreover, the size of the footage has a very large size.

While Overlay (stickers and text) are less computationally intensive, Kinemaster seems to allow you to have as much as you need. The first layer can be called the main timeline and you can’t enter anything other than the main footage in it.

You can delete one click or move it to the left or right. This of course can make it easier for you to edit quickly. The support timeline has no limits and you can add anything to it.

In addition, you have the option to enlarge or reduce clips, cut, opacity, rotation and are tablets chroma key (greenscreen) where you can be creative to make like a box office movie.

Effects and Transitions

This is what video editors really like: effects and transitions, using effects and transitions to your projects is very easy, but can only be done in one contiguous timeline.

If the two clips are side by side, you can use a transition, the first clip to the end and the second clip at the beginning to add a transition effect.

However, my friend does not seem to be able to change the duration of the transition. Effects such as animation and also Gaussian Blur that is installed by default are applied through the media panel.

In addition, if you don’t find the effect you want, you can look for it through the asset store available on the Google Drive Kinemaster Diamond apk application.

How to Install Apk

After everything is complete, you can now install the kinemaster diamond mod apk 2019 on your Android device. The way is quite easy, you can follow the steps to install the download application kinemaster diamond mod apk free version 2019 below.

  • The first step, download the kinemaster diamond apkpure first, the file that has been sent the share link above.
  • If you have already downloaded it, extract it first and don’t install it immediately.
  • First turn on “unknown source” or “unknown source” in the mobile privacy settings.
  • If the steps above have been done, click and install the apk file.
  • Wait until the installation process is complete.
  • Open the application and play the song.
  • Done.

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