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Line Clone – Hello Uptodown Friends, How are you guys today? May you always be given health.

back again with the Uptodown Admin who always provides the latest and most popular applications, games and tips and tricks today.

In this article, Uptodown Admin will recommend a cool chat application, namely line clone.

From the name of course we know this one chat application, but what distinguishes it from other chat applications.

Certainly curious, right? Immediately, for those of you who are curious, you can see the reviews below.

Chat applications are now widely used by almost everyone, various kinds of applications that we can choose according to taste.

Starting from the GBWhatsapp application , Instagram, Messenger to Line. Well this time we will discuss about the line application.

This line application has been downloaded by more than 500 million users in various parts of the world.

However, this is the official version and application, which only has limited tools and functions.

Then, how to get a different version of the line? So, to find out more, you can see further reviews below.

Line Clone Application

The line application is a chat service as well as calls that Uptdown friends can get for free.

Almost similar to chat applications such as telegram, whatsapp and many others.


Many users have used this line plus application to communicate with other users such as friends, relatives or anyone online.

Without having to pay for credit, users can use the line clone apk 2019 application only with an internet connection.

This 2018 line clone download application is not only able to send messages and calls.


But you can also send photos, audio, video, application files to video calls.

In addition, you can get various kinds of cool and funny stickers. However, not all stickers can you get for free.

For example, to be able to get these funny stickers, you have to buy or subscribe with coins.

Coins are obtained by buying them. The price is quite varied depending on your needs.  Cinemaniac Mod Apk

What is Clone Version

As the Uptodown Admin mentioned above, this version has more features than the original or official application on the Google Play Store.

Which means that by using the premium line version 9.2 2, you can use multi-line or dual lines in one android phone.


In addition, there is a sticker and theme download feature that you can use for free or for free without any restrictions and additional costs on the line clone mod.

For the download version of the latest 2019 line clone application, it is also very suitable for friends to install for those who are already bored with the default interface of this line clone application version 9 line.

Of course, you are bored with the original line with only green and white basic colors.

But in this version, you can download all types of themes that are available with unique color variants such as the download line clone black, Purple, download line transparent to Orange to Pink.

To find out how to clone a line account, you can download the latest 2019 line at the 2019 line clone download link below.

How to Install Apk

This latest version of the premium line mod download application is very useful for friends who want to look different from the others.

Immediately, for Uptodown friends who want to install it, you can follow the steps below.

  • The first step you have to do is download the download line clone download file for android that the admin shared above.
  • After you download the premium line of the application file, don’t install it first. Buddy must turn on “unknown source” or “unknown source” by checking it.
  • If the above steps have been done, you can directly click and install the apk file.
  • Wait until the installation process is complete.
  • Open the line lite clone apk app and play!

Fitur Line Premium Clone Mod Apk

In the current era, the Line application has undergone many modifications. the same as what the Uptodown Admin will share in this article.

But not only the Line application that has undergone many modifications, the WhatsApp and Twitter applications also appear with the Mod version of the application system.

Of course, by modifying the chat application clone app line, it will serve to add some features that are not in the official version of the application.  Zolaxis Patcher Apk

There will be a lot of interesting features in the Clone version of Line. Like the premium line features that the Uptodown Admin will explain below.

Free Themes and Stickers

There are various interesting and funny themes to choose from according to your preferences, which you can download from the “Theme Store” apk line mod theme application.

Just open in that section, select the desired theme, then click Download.


In addition, when using this Premium Clone channel, you will also receive various cool and funny stickers for free.

Download Photo, Audio, Video Status on Timeline

Usually in the line we can only view and open various files on the timeline ranging from photos, videos and audio.

But in this version of the son of adam line mod application, there is a download button that allows you to download photos, video files, and audio on the timeline.

Chat Menu Effect

There is a chat menu that offers a variety of effects that you can download for free.

Of course this will make Uptodown friends bored when opening this 2018 line clone apk application.

New Camera System Effect

The camera contained in this premium mode download line application also functions normally and has been updated.

So you can take a moment to be able to use the camera freely.

Call Tab Features

In the download line clone 2017 application, there is also a call tab that can allow users to make video and phone calls as usual.

Disabling Read Messages

There is a function that is most sought after by many users of chat mode applications that is to hide the status of messages.

In addition to the line clone, you can get this feature on the gbwhatsapp chat application . It turns out that in this line application there is also this feature.

Read messages or what can be called black reading. This feature allows you to read the sender’s message without knowing it.

Hide Chat

Almost like the archive feature on WhatsApp, now it turns out that this application also exists.

The feature is hide chat or hide certain chats using the “Hide Chat” feature.

God Mode

There is a function called God mode or god mode. To activate this cool feature by doing several ways.

The trick is to open the application Settings menu → click Line → then select “God Mode Delete Register Records”.

There is a Browser Application

One feature that is not inferior to other features is that there is a browser in the application.

By using this version of the application, you can browse directly without installing a browser application.

Convenience Of Line Clone Premium

Using the 2019 line clone application, of course, it will be much easier when compared to the official version of the application. 

In addition to the above features, the use of this application will also have various advantages and conveniences as below.

Able to Double Line Account

As the name implies, if you use this application, you can double your Line account.

This is because this application will be downloaded from other websites, one of which is our website and not from the Playstore.

Then users will be able to use this application twice without deleting the original version of Line.

It is also very beneficial if you have more than one account to be able to use this application.

Get Themes For Free

Of course, if you install this application on your device, you can get cool and funny themes for free.


Because this application has embedded the download line mod unlimited coin apk 2018.

Users can change various themes according to your wishes Uptodown.

Support All Kinds of Smartphones

This application can be used for all android smartphones. starting from that using the old and latest version of the Android line clone system.

But for android will be able to be used smoothly when used on Android 4.0 or above.

About the App

Before the emergence of the clone version, the first line application was released and developed by a Japanese company named NHN Corporation in 2011.

The first release, this application can only be run for the iOS and Android systems only then followed by blackberry.

After running on mobile devices, then in 2012 it can be operated on Mac and Windows systems.

With the success of this line application as evidenced by the number of users up to 101 million in 230 countries in the world.

In addition, Line took first place in the free instant messaging category from 42 countries.

For Indonesia, in 2012 Line has established its official office. And immediately succeeded in localizing content in 2013.

Then now, the line application has been modified a lot. Like the line clone version. In this clone version will add various modifications for the user.

So the features will be much more than the official version. But this application can also be said to be unofficial.

The final word

Thus the article about this application, hopefully it can be useful. Don’t forget to continue to support me by sharing this article so that other visitors can feel it.

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