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Modern Combat 4 - Hi, friend, Uptodown, back again with Mimin who is always up to date to accompany you this time. As usual, Mimin wants...
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Modern Combat 4 – Hi, friend, Uptodown, back again with Mimin who is always up to date to accompany you this time. As usual, Mimin wants to share a game, application and tips on the latest and most popular tricks for Uptodown Friends.

On this occasion Mimin would like to recommend a war game, even though this game has been released for a long time but there are still quite a lot of people who play it. Curious as to what the game? rather than just curious we see the review below.

Android games are now very good quality and have experienced significant improvements, ranging from graphics and game modes. Especially games developed by large game companies, of course, these Android games are getting better quality.

This is what Gameloft SE game company has done, a lot of action games they have made, one of which is Modern Combat. Android game itself has a lot of series ranging from modern combat 3: fallen nation, modern combat 4: zero hour platform to modern combat 5: eSport FPS. But there are also full online games like the new FPS multiplayer online.

From these series, this time I want to review the modern combat 4 update game. Although this game is a series that is long enough, but according to Mimin for this game series is very good in terms of its story. Alright, without lingering any longer can directly buddy see the reviews below. Don’t skip the review. Okay, go on guys!

Modern Combat 4

Modern game combat 4 apkpure is an Action FPS game that can be played again on smartphones with new chapters to see things further than before.

After the nuclear war, the only chance to avoid global destruction is at the hands of several elite soldiers who must track down and also save world leaders from a very dangerous and known terrorist group.

In single player mode, Buddy Uptodown has to carry out several main missions, 12 missions which are certainly difficult to complete each mission when compared with previous series, namely the modern download game combat 3 offline.

And when compared to the series, modern combat 4 revdl Zero Hour is more similar to action films, this is because my friend will find lots of pieces of scenes similar to movie quality.

At each level in the game download modern combat 4 apkpure is made with great detail so that the modern combat 4 oreo game is almost similar to the games contained in the console that can make us forget about the modern combat 3 download game series.

The more advantages are its very complete features that play FPS games. You can run, jump, change weapons, throw bombs, and many other features.


Games that are similar to call of duty with the First Person Perspective camera position or in short FPP have quite interesting gameplay for you to know. Here is the gameplay of the modern game combat 4 mod apk android 1.

Dive into the Most Memorial Battles in History

  • Buddy can feel the dramatic intensity of the modern android 4 free combat story and also witness the two plot stories by playing also an evil character, Edward Page.
  • Become a ruler by dominating the battlefield with a new tactical movement system.
  • Fight and take part in wars throughout the world, from Antarctica to Barcelona.

FPS Genres With Graphics and Sound Like Console Games

  • Feel the aura of chaos from war on the battlefield with graphics similar to console games, real animations and dynamic objects.
  • This is the first game from Gameloft powered by Havok Engine for a fairly amazing ragdoll effect. War will never feel so realistic.
  • The sfx and voice acting were upgraded like those of famous studios in the film industry.

There is a Multiplayer Mode

Make your own gameplay profile online with an improved loudout system and also more than 20,000 weapon settings.
A new system of specialization with redesigned skills.
Lead your character to the top of the online score board with a new ranking system.

Game Features

If we look at the gameplay contained above, actually we can still prove it by comparing it to the modern combat 5 download game. Obviously if you see the series, you who have never played it will think that modern combat 5 offline or online is superior to the modern combat download game. 4 offline.

However, do not judge from the series first. let’s prove who is superior to the game download modern combat 4 mod offline or download modern combat 5 offline.

In terms of Gameplay

If modern combat 4 Wikipedia is a game that tells the story of the war on terrorism and also we can play both sides. However, for the Modern Combat 5 game, you won’t find anything like that anymore.

Modern Combat 5 apptoko is even more complicated, the story is that you are a soldier in the field of private security services and also by using this background, you will carry out side missions that are quite varied according to the client’s request, meaning that you will play a role as a mercenary.

Whereas Modern Combat 4 for its missions is wrapped very epic, perfect and also easy to understand. This is an advantage compared to the Modern Combat 5 game which has somewhat confusing missions and also looks deviated from the storyline.

In terms of features

When viewed from a few features according to Mimin it does not differ very much, but in the Modern Combat 5 game there are several additional features such as loadout, intervention, side missions and many others etc.

In terms of price

Now this is a question mark for all of us, why modern Combat 4 games are still paid and also according to the admin the price is quite expensive for a class of old games. The price set by Gameloft for Modern Combat 4 is IDR 99,000.

But to his surprise again, for Modern Combat 5 game which is a newer edition of the four game series can be downloaded for free. Maybe from the features described by Mimin above, you can conclude why it can be like this.

How to Install Apk

So for you who are still confused to install this game, you can follow the steps below.

  • The first step, Buddy download the apk file that has been shared above.
  • After you download, don’t install it first. Buddy should turn on and check the “unknown source” or “unknown source” in the privacy settings of the phone.
  • If the steps above have been done, you can directly click and install the apk file.
  • Wait until the installation process is complete.

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