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Monster Hunter Stories Apk - Hello guys, welcome back with mimin again at UpTown. How are you, friend? I hope you are always...
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Monster Hunter Stories Apk – Hello guys, welcome back with mimin again at UpTown. How are you, friend? I hope you are always healthy, especially healthy bags and quota hehe.

Just copy it right, buddy, as usual Mimin always gives a game, application and tips on the latest and popular tricks today. Not only original applications and games, friend. Mimin has never been absent to present a mod apk that has many advantages.

On this occasion, Mimin would like to recommend a game that is quite sought after, you could say this game is an elite game. Wow, you must be curious, right?

Rather than curious better just refer to the review below, ok? Do not miss a single sentence from this article that is written.

Smartphone games are very popular games in this day and age, and Android is no exception. If traced, there are more than tens of thousands of android games that you can find on app stores like play store. ranging from the genre of advanture, RPG, Strategy and even types of very popular games such as MOBA and Battle Royal.

But have you ever played a paid game? ranging from inexpensive to expensive, immeasurably. Of course most of us would prefer to play free or free games. However, our focus is open to free games contained in the play store.

The game that we will discuss is a paid game, not without reason why the game can become a paid game? whereas other popular games like PUBG, Free Fire, Mobile Legends and others are free games.

Maybe because this game has been adapted from other popular devices or there are complete features. The game is an android monster hunter. For more details, see the review below.

Monster hunter stories english patch

Monster Hunter Stories game is a Nintendo 3Ds game that is very popular in the United States. On this android version, apkpure monster hunter stories are miniature versions of the popular action game Monster Hunter.

Before the release of the android version, the game Monster Hunter Stories was first intended for Nintendo 3DS devices. Unexpectedly the results were a huge success with this Nintendo 3DS platform.

Now, because of the very rapid development of smartphones, this has attracted the interest of Capcom to develop it on Android and IOS devices.


As the name implies, this game tells about monsters. Monsters in this game are quite fierce, you can find a hiding place or or if you are brave enough to directly fight it.

When a monster has been infected by Black Blight, the monster will blindly attack the village of friends and of course you will be trapped by war.

From here you will become a Monster Rider, you have to find and destroy the monster. In this game there are many tasks that you have to do in wading adventure.

At the beginning of the game, you will steal a monster’s egg, after stealing it then you hatch it, then you have to get used to it. name it with a good name and also train it to help you in a battle.

In this android android game monster hunter, my friend will be adventurous and explore lots of different locations. You will find powerful monsters, prepare to fight if you are attacked and also collect various items to increase your strength in the monster hunter apkpure game.

In addition, you can design characters from what you choose. Build your personality by changing their costumes, hairstyles, personalities and style.

Buddy can also enjoy every flow and conversation on the characters in the game mhst the adventure begins mod apk. Buddy will enjoy a very interesting story, don’t miss every detail of the conversation to get more clues.

Gameplay monster hunter stories apk english patch

The flow of the game in this game can take place based on turn, where you control your monsters together to attack the enemy.

For his main weapon, you have all four of you to use and also change in battle. These weapons include: Hammer, Big Sword, Sword and Shield and also Hunting Horn.

Friend can choose which weapon is suitable to fight the enemy. You can also use lots of different skills and other items.

You can also make the Companion Monster stronger by using the Transmission Ceremony feature. The trick is that you convert the Bond Gen into a monster and also activate their stats and abilities. Performing a transmission ceremony can help you to adjust your playing style.

Mission and Item System

All monsties certainly require items and equipment to continue the journey. Friend will receive a quest or mission, the mission is obtained from the many adventurers to get money in the game. From the money,

Friend can buy equipment such as ammunition weapons, and various other supporting items. To buy, you can go to the shop, friend.

Graphics and Sound

In terms of graphics, the game download monster hunter stories apkpure has a very beautiful 3D graphics platform, characters made in a chibi or funny style, but still look impressive. Monster Hunter Stories gives players the feel of high quality animated films or HD.

How to Install Apk

This game can be said to be reasonable if you have to pay if you download it in the play store, because of its large size and of course it has many excellent features. However, if you are confused about how to install this game, you can follow the steps below.

  • The first step, extract the file that you have downloaded.
  • Inside the file are apk and OBB files. For the OBB folder you can move or copy it to Android / OBB internal storage.
  • After completing the copy, for the apk file you can click and install the apk file. If it fails to install, it’s possible you have to turn on “unknown sources” in the phone’s settings.
  • Wait until the installation process is complete. When it’s finished, you open the game and play.
  • Done.

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