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There are more than 7 billion people worldwide today. Yet there are many people who have lost contact with their relatives and family members for quite some time now or when they were born. You may be one of those people. If you want to find family members who have been missing for a long time, use the MyHeritage application now. This app can find your family members in no time!

Besides that, you can also create a family tree in this application. Just enter your personal details like name, age and other info. Furthermore, this application will search for your family and even relatives who have long been lost because the database of this application is very extensive. This application has more than 12 billion historical records including birth, marriage and death certificates.

There are a lot of people missing every day. We may not realize it, but we may even have relatives who we don’t think exist! If you want to know everything about your family, try the MyHeritage application. This application allows you to create a main family tree from your grandparents to your siblings. Make a tree that you can be proud of and that you can share for future generations.

What is MyHeritage mod?

This application from MyHeritage is an excellent application that allows you to find your family history right at your fingertips. Here, you just have to enter your personal details and the app finds all your parents, grandparents and other relatives thanks to its 12 billion historical records.

Their unique technology called Smart Matches will automatically link the family tree so you can find it. There is also Record Matches which is a tool that allows you to find info about your ancestors. Ready to discover your genealogy?

By using this application, you can search for relatives and family members in the application. There are more than 4.4 billion profiles that have been added by users in the application. You can then find a match about your family after you use this application.

You can polish and enrich your family tree so that you have something to show future generations. Apart from that, you can also find info about your ancestors through the Match Record feature.

This feature tracks 13 billion historical data within the app. Here, you can find info such as birth certificates, burial records, yearbooks, adoption records, military records, old newspapers, census records, court records, and many more. You can also trace your lineage and origin through your DNA!

Our family is one of the most important things in our life. They are our blood so it makes sense to spend a lot of time with them. But sometimes, life gets complicated and so many people end up without parents. Or some people don’t know who their grandparents are or some of them just want to know about their origins. If you are one of those people, you will really like this application.

If you want to know about your family, you can go to your old dusty album and look for photos. But most of the time, we don’t have these things and most families don’t have regular family roots. This is because most of the information parents pass on to their children verbally and through the use of albums.

If you always want to know more about your family history easily, download MyHeritage right now. This app can allow anyone to go back in their family history to find their long lost relative.

This app allows you to trace back your past and look into your unique DNA to find your family history. You can take advantage of the DNA test package and see your ethnic origin as well as any relatives you don’t know.

Besides, you can find your ancestors because of the technology they patented. With the SuperSearch feature, you can find your old relatives as well as people you don’t know as part of your family! Add and share photos of your family members to appreciate it.


Our families are very precious to us and we will not exchange them for anything in this world. So, if you have always wanted a complete lineage of your ancestors, download this application now.

  • • Trace your genealogy – Most families have some kind of record of their family history. Yet some people don’t even know who their parents or their siblings are. This is a big problem because we cannot easily access our family history unless we know our relative. This is a problem that the MyHeritage app wants to solve for everyone. This app allows anyone to build their family tree forever.
  • • MyHeritage DNA – Every human being has unique DNA which has a unique genetic makeup. You can order a DNA kit and take a sample from your cheek and ship it. The team will then test it and you can see the results that reveal your descent. You can find out about your ethnic origin and even find new siblings. This app makes it all possible in the comfort of your home!
  • • Smart Matching and Record Matching – MyHeritage has a patented technology called Smart Matching which automatically connects the family tree and allows you to find information about your family history. After entering your information, it will search a database that has more than 12 billion historical records. This means that you can find out your family history easily as long as it is in the record. Apart from that, it ensures that many people will find out their family lineage using the app easily.
  • • Add and share photos – This app also allows you to easily add and share photos to complement your family history. You can upload additional photos or edit old photos in the application. Color your black and white photos using MyHeritage in Color ™.
  • • Create and Grow Your Family Tree – Thanks to the MyHeritage application, you can create a family tree that you can share for future generations.
  • • The Most Complete Family Tree – Back when computers and cell phones didn’t exist, people would keep physical copies of the family tree to show to future generations. But due to wars, floods, and natural disasters over the centuries, some may have disappeared. If you want to regain your family tree, try the MyHeritage application.
  • • Smart Match – This application is not just a simple note-taking application. It also allows you to discover and relate family tree that can reveal new connections. You will find out about missing relatives, and info about your family members that you didn’t even know. This app can do this thanks to its ever-expanding database. As more and more people use the app, it can connect more people together.
  • • Record Matches – Thanks to the Record Matches feature, you can find various family records. Find new information about your ancestors through MyHeritage’s 12 billion historical records. These records hold many birth certificates, obituaries, adoption records, old newspapers, census records, court records and much more. Add new members to your family tree to make sure they are not forgotten!
  • • Preserve Your Family History – This app allows you to capture and share family memories. Combine old and new photos and make the family tree more meaningful. You can also colorize black and white photos to make them more modern. Thanks to the MyHeritage In Color feature, it automatically colors photos in a count

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