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Robbery Bob Mod Apk - Hello buddy, there is another new article, friend, are you teratrik with this new article? This article will discuss a...
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Robbery Bob Mod Apk – Hello buddy, there is another new article, friend, are you teratrik with this new article? This article will discuss a puzzle game but is wrapped with adventure.

Surely my friend has never played a puzzle game, but playing puzzle games is boring if the game has a monotonous look and storyline.

So the longer the level becomes more difficult and we feel bored with the game, but this game is very interesting with puzzles but wrapped with exciting adventures.

Guaranteed friend will feel enjoy passing obstacles for obstacles in this game, this game is indeed exciting especially with the obstacles that make palpitations at the same time funny.

Can you guess what game it is? if not very unfortunate, the game is quite popular in application stores such as play stores and other web applications.

The game is named Robbery Bob apk, do you already know my friend? if not, my friend is really obliged to listen to this article, which will discuss this robbery bob game.

And you can also get the apk file directly here and you can also follow the tricks to play this game, so you will more easily finish this game.

Robbery Bob’s game

What is the Robbery Bob Game apk? This game tells a thief who will steal a house belonging to an old grandmother, but it’s not that easy, my friend must sneak without anyone knowing.

By being watched by a dog who is sleeping and will wake up when a friend touches an item at home, it will be certain that you will be thoroughly chased by that dog.

Not only that, there is a security guard who helped guard the house, my friend must avoid the sight and reach of the security guard.

If not, you will be caught and put in jail, as a result you will repeat from the initial stage.

And the old grandmother will also go around the house at any time if and sometimes fall asleep in his rocking, friend’s duty must sneak carefully without any noise.

Robbery Bob Gameplay

For the game play robbery bob game itself you can see below, an easy game if you know how to play and solve correctly.

  • 2D Game – This robbery bob game is still wrapped in 2D, although the 2D look and graphics of this game are no less good than games that are already 3D.
  • Easy Controller – Furthermore, you can easily use your touch screen as much as possible, because this game provides simple control of characters.
  • Game Puzzles – in the staging you have to solve a puzzle in the house, from finding stolen goods and looking for keys to open closed doors.
  • Obstacles in the Game – The obstacles themselves in this game in the form of guards in the house that we have mentioned above, and my friend can pay attention to each guard and his character.
  • Take advantage of hiding – In the game when you are overtaken by a guard, then you can hide, take advantage of a room that cannot be reached by the guard.
  • Cross Line – To be able to guess the movements of the guard, friend can pay attention to the line that is in the stagen, the line that forms the dot indicates the path of the guard.

Maybe that’s just some of the gameplay of the game Robbery Bob apk, the gameplay you can pay attention and use in the game to complete its missions.

For friends who want to play this game, you can download the robbery bob mod apk, the game is directly on our website with the link we provide below.

How to Download Robbery Bob Mod Game Apk

For how to download robbery bob 2 mod apk is very easy, only on our website you can download without complicated.

The important thing is friend, read how to download it below, for your instructions if there is a problem on the download page.

  • prepare the device to be used as a game resource file, and also prepare the internet connection.
  • Continue to enter the download link provided on the download button above.
  • Enter into our file server at Carageo, wait a few seconds to download the application file or game.
  • The advantage of us, you can choose fast download and regular download.
  • Wait until the download is complete, and open the file to go directly to the installation process of the application or game file.
  • For the installation process the same as my friend installing other apk files.

Note: In the process of installing you have to allow unknown sources, how do you select the settings menu and select the system security, but there is an Android version that directs to the settings.

Android Mobile Specifications

For specifications in playing the game Robbery Bob mod apk 2019 mod, my friend does not need a cellphone with a high spec.

Enough with the 1GB RAM specifications and 100MB empty device memory, my friend can already play this game.

But it never hurts if my friend has a cellphone spec that is far high then it will be recommended.

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