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Tahu Bulat Mod Apk – Hello Buddy Uptodown, mimin is here for you Buddy Uptodown. How are you, friend? Hopefully you are always given health, including health quota hehe. . .

As usual, mimin does not get tired of always sharing the latest application updates, games and tricks tips and the most popular every day for friends uptodown visitors.

Well this time Mimin will recommend a game that is quite popular in his time. Maybe from you want to be happy by playing this game.

Indonesia is a unique country with a diverse culture. One of them is in terms of food service. Have you ever heard the seller know in a unique way? Maybe at that time it was very popular and friends, of course, will be focused on the sales pitch of the seller, that is unanimous.

With the uniqueness of the promotional sound “fried tofu fried round tofu” by using a pick up car became popular at the time. From the popularity, a game about tofu sellers emerged, the game was named tofu round.

No stranger to hear Tofu? For those of you who live in rural and urban areas, of course, often see, hear, or have bought round tofu.

The sentence attached to “tofu rounds in impromptu fried, five hundreds” or the like always adorns the ear in the past, although rarely heard today, but still people who sell round tofu. This uniqueness that people haven’t seen before.

What we know is that the round tofu seller has a distinctive feature with a wagon car and also loud speakers that you can play on your favorite smartphone.

Of course this game is made by native Indonesians, curious as to what the game and its features can be. Friend see the description below.

Tahu Bulat Game

with the progress in the world of digital-based gaming and also the high interest of mobile users in the game as a medium of entertainment. More with the diversity or things that are currently viral.

Of course a lot of developers or developers who are looking for this opportunity to make the game version. Can not be separated from the creativity carried out by the developer, this unique game that is rounded is created.

Tofu game application is a game developed by own games, maybe for android users who see this game will feel curious because of its popularity at that time.

Because of the popularity of this game, it has been downloaded as many as 10 million tablets. Wow this game is very fantastic. Of course this game tells about a person who wants to succeed by pioneering selling round tofu.

This game is a game that has a simulation genre, where you will be invited to do business selling round tofu so you can make as much profit as possible.

Gameplay Tahu Bulat

How to play a round tofu apptoko game is very easy and also simple but very exciting. Buddy just needs to tap as much as possible to be able to sell round tofu by using a car.

Game mission

The mission you have to do is how you can collect money from the sale. from the sale of that you can use to do a lot of things like upgrading items and others.

Raise Car Levels and Promotions

Don’t get me wrong, the car factor also influences the buyer’s interest. If the merchandise know you want to sell well, of course you have to raise the level of the car using the money you sell.

Make your car as cool as possible to attract potential buyers. The higher the level of your car, the more people will be interested.

In addition, promotion of merchandise is very necessary to introduce products that you will sell. By increasing the level of promotion, prospective buyers will very quickly know your product.

Extra Coin Time

In this game, there is a sales time where you will be visited by a UFO or flying luggage. These objects serve to increase income to reach double the coins. Also note that in the additional menu below the shop, you are required to use this opportunity.

Previously available version of the old round tofu download ie tofu round download apk version 12.5 3. But this time Mimin will provide the latest version, version v12.5.8.

How to Install Apk

For those of you who are still confused about how to install this game, you can follow the steps below.

  • The initial step that you have to do is download the unlimited money game application by clicking the download link know round 2 mod apk 2019 which you have shared above.
  • After you download the apk file, don’t install the tofu round zipper app.
  • Buddy first check whether “unknown source” or “unknown source” has been checked.
  • If the above conditions have been done, you can directly click and install the apk file.
  • Wait until the installation process is complete.
  • Open it and find a round tofu customer!

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