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Tema Xiaomi - Hello buddy, there is another new article for you, hope you like this article. This time we will discuss the theme of...
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Tema Xiaomi – Hello buddy, there is another new article for you, hope you like this article.

This time we will discuss the theme of xiomi miui 10, miui 10 is the latest version, for more details, let us refer to together the article about this latest xiomi theme.

Surely my friend who uses a smartphone to set the display as good as possible, with wallpapers or themes that are used, so we can be entertained with these views.

No doubt samrtphone users will usually look for themes – the latest theme every update. Moreover, Xiaomi users, which is a smartphone with many choices of themes and other wallpapers.

But to get the theme is not easy, because my friend must download directly on xiomi website. Xiomi’s website is in Chinese and to download the theme directly from Wesi Xiomi is very complicated.

Many users are difficult and angry – angry at xiomi forums, how to download themes on xiomi is indeed difficult. Many sites offer fictitious download links, but instead submit to redirect pages that are vulnerable to viruses and malware.

But take it easy, friend, we will provide xiomi miui 10 theme files and the latest xiomi theme for you.

To download it is also easy through our website, we guarantee you will like this article, especially for xiomi mobile users.

Latest Xiaomi themes

We will list the latest and coolest Xiaomi themes, are you one of the collectors of this Xiaomi theme? If so, then you must listen to this article and download the theme.

In addition to installing the theme in Xiaomi there is a way. The way to download the theme is indeed, you have to download the Miui theme editor application.

Download MIUI Theme Editor Apk

For my friend who wants to install the latest xiomi theme, my friend must have this one application, Miui theme editor apk.

The point is to edit a theme that you have downloaded, and set it up so that it can be installed on a Xiaomi mobile.

MIUI Theme Editor Application Features

The features contained in this application can be noticed below, with many features in it, here are the features of the Miui theme editor apk.

  • Multi options to choose a theme:
  • Choose from the theme manager
  • Browsing storage
  • Edit description
  • Edit the system font to whatever you want and choose between:
  • Default font (default font only supports English if it doesn’t work with you, try to get a font supporting your “.ttf” language and select with “select custom options. Ttf font”).
  • Browsing storage.
  • Edit the application icon with:
  • Choose the mask icon.
  • Choose a dynamic icon.
  • Import all icons from the installed icon package.
  • Select the icon manually for each application.
  • Edit the status bar icon (battery, signal and WiFi).
  • Edit home screen wallpaper.
  • Edit wallpaper & lock screen style.
  • Edit icon & icon panel backgrounds.
  • Edit background for incoming calls.
  • And more find it yourself.

How To Download And Install MIUI Theme Editor Apk

For those of you who want to use the application, you can follow the steps on how to download and install the Miui theme editor app.

The method is quite easy, and can be used in all download processes in this article.

  • prepare the device to be used as a game resource file, and also prepare the internet connection.
  • Continue to enter the download link provided on the download button above.
  • Enter into our file server at Carageo, wait a few seconds to download the application file or game.
  • The advantage of us, you can choose fast download and regular download.
  • Wait until the download is complete, and open the file to go directly to the application file installation process.
  • In the installation process itself, you must enable your security.
  • Allow from unknown sources, so the system can continue the installation process.
  • Wait for the installation process to run 100%.
  • When done, open the application miui theme editor apk.

Xiaomi Cool Mtz theme

You can choose cool xiomi mtz themes, the themes that we provide are many kinds, with various options for you.

Make sure you have installed the miui theme application editor, friend, after that you can download the theme.

Here is a list of cool xiomi mtz themes that you must have.

Thema Meki Red Mtz Full Dark

For the first one there is a theme for hp xiomi with a theme with a red background mixed with black.

The black color that matches the name of the theme is fulldark, depicting a jet black atmosphere but wrapped in a bright red color.

Make the appearance of Xiaomi phones more fierce and look elegant with both colors.

For the menu icon on the screen, it will also change to red and black, what do you think? If you want to use this theme, you can download it below.

Mtz Iphone Theme

The second is the iphone mtz theme, this theme is as clear as the name suggests, a theme that has the appearance of an iPhone phone that you can use for free.

Your phone will be more interesting with this theme, of course, with this iPhone MTZ theme. To display the icon itself is pretty good, with an icon similar to the icon on an iPhone cellphone.

West MTNLSS-light theme

Furthermore, the third, for my friend who likes the translucent xiaomi theme, everyone can download this theme.

The name of the theme is West MTNLSS-light, this theme will be transparent, the maximum is all ema will be visible even if you open another application.

This theme, which has a dominant grayish blue color, has an epic village design. With a girl’s animated wallpaper, it looks like it is full of mystery.

Boruto Anime theme

Then this time there is a theme that has a Desaign with Boruto anime, for my friend who likes the Boruto anime must use this one theme.

With desaign anime boruto xiomi’s cellphone display, your friend will look even more interesting. Moreover, the color of this theme is very well integrated with this Boruto anime, making the theme has a very good appearance.

The Death Note Anime theme Mtz

Finally, there is a theme that has the same background as Boruto, which is the same – anime.

Friend who likes death note anime can use this one theme. With black earna that will make your xiomi look fierce.

And combined with the typical death note anime walpaper, this theme will not disappoint for you to download, of course.

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