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From now on, you won’t be bothered when you see your inbox filled with spam messages and take the time to delete them one by one. And easily block people you don’t want to contact by blocking usernames and numbers. You will never worry about being bothered by unwanted calls.

If you are looking for an app that allows users to view the best caller ID currently available, it is impossible not to mention Truecaller. Whoever, whatever number is called, this app can give you the fastest caller ID.

Is it legal to record your own calls? It depends on your country’s privacy. Overall, it’s not that serious. The purpose of call recording may just be because you want to record a call with your family or lover to keep as a keepsake

Features in Truecaller

What are the features in Truecaller caller id & dialer? Some of these features can be used optimally and make it easier for users to maintain cellphone privacy.

Separating spam messages

Often get annoyed by annoying unknown messages? For example, such as illegal online credit messages, fraud, and so on. By using Truecaller, users can separate these unclear messages in the spam column.

When the user activates Truecaller, the user can find out who is calling. How to? On every smartphone, users usually enter their own name or some other name that identifies them.

Truecaller has important message detection capabilities as well as messages that are clearly sent as spam to large numbers of people for the purpose of scamming.

Know the name of the phone owner

Truecaller Indonesia will show the name to Truecaller users, so users can know who is calling / sending SMS to them.

Know the name of a specific number in the Truecaller user’s contacts

As the best anti-scamming application, there are many people who use Truecaller. The downloader even reached five hundred million people. When we enter a certain number, the name used by other Truecaller users bust stores that number will be visible.

So, users can know exactly who owns the number. Other users will certainly not lie when saving certain contact numbers.

Block unclear calls / scam

This is a very useful feature of Truecaller and can prevent users from various crimes. Truecaller can quickly block numbers that keep calling, numbers that you don’t want to call. or numbers that have been detected fraud.

So, users will not be bothered by these numbers because they have been blocked using Truecaller.

Record calls

In some cases, users need to record conversations on the phone. For example, as evidence, and so on. Well, users can record calls on Truecaller automatically.

After that, listen to the recording in storage. The recording can be heard clearly without any noise, so it can be a pretty strong evidence.

Download Truecaller Location Indonesia Mod APK
In fact, not all Truecaller features can be used for free. Users have to pay to enjoy such things

Search for an unlimited number of phone numbers
Find out who’s looking for our name on Truecaller
Make data invisible while others find out who is looking for their number on Truecaller.
In order to get unlimited features, users can open the Truecaller download for mobile link below. This is a pro modified application that can be downloaded for free, no need to pay anymore.

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