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Worms Zone io Apk - Hello Friend Uptodown, welcome back with Mimin Uptodown who never tired of giving the latest uptdate every day. How are
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Worms Zone io Apk – Hello Friend Uptodown, welcome back with Mimin Uptodown who never tired of giving the latest uptdate every day. How are you, Uptodown friend? hopefully always given health huh …

As usual Mimin does not get bored of being bored in sharing a game, applications and tips on the latest and most popular tricks for uptodown friends. In this article Mimin will recommend a game that is currently played a lot by mobile users, especially Android.

Games that require high concentration to be able to set records, wonder what the game will be like. Immediately, friend see in the review below. Don’t skip the reviews below so you don’t miss the latest information from Mimin.

Lately a lot of smartphone users are playing this game. This game is very surprising because it has penetrated 50 million downloads. Even though this game has only been a month viral. Maybe almost all visitors of this article already know this game even played it.

The game that became the basis of the 2000s games found on these old school nokia phones can be played again with an attractive appearance and complete features. Usually the old school game only has one player, now you can play with many players in this very popular game this month.

Not unexpectedly this worm game attracted the attention of many smartphone users, ranging from children to adults. I do not know what possessed this smartphone user so that go hooked to play including Mimin hehe.

The game is a worms zone mod apk, maybe there are some who don’t know this game yet. Therefore Mimin will review this game further. Prepare snacks and drinks before enjoying further reviews from Mimin Uptodown.

Worms Zone

Game Worms Zone or many say greedy worms and worm zones is a game that is very popular this year, the reason this game is very exciting for you to play. In fact, this game is played by all groups ranging from children to adults.

With its popularity, this game developed by Casual Azur Games is now the most popular game and the level of search for this game is very drastic. It can’t be denied this game is a very exciting game with a classic look but makes this game quite interesting to play.

In general, this game is the same as a worm game in general, we will control a worm which at first was only a small worm and then this worm must eat all kinds of food in front of it. The more food you eat will make your worms bigger.

How to play

As Mimin explained before, the worm that you control must find food around it, the more food you eat will make your worms bigger.

Friend must avoid other worms so that it does not become his meal. Playing this game must be full of accuracy and a little out of focus, your worms will die and become food for other worms.

In one large area, you will be placed with dozens of other worms. Friend must seize food faster so as not to be prey by enemy worms. There is no help or friends who will help you, you have to fight alone.

You can set traps when your worms are big enough and long enough. With a little maneuver and bend will make the enemy confused to turn back. It should be noted, do not rely too much on speed because your worm’s weight will decrease.

The bigger and longer worm you will make your worm movements will slow down. Actually this can be a danger on its own if you can’t calculate every round of your worms. Different from the worm game on old school phones where when you hit the body or the tail itself will die, but in this game it is not.

What’s dangerous is when we hit another worm, so use your skills to trap enemies. You can take advantage of when the worms are large and long to wrap your opponent’s worms and they will get stuck without getting out.

This will make the enemy get mistakes. When the opponent dies, the worm will break down into very much food. This requires a little time and patience.

Worms Zone feature

From the discussion above is not complete if we do not discuss the features contained in this worm game. Here are the features of the game worm zone that has been summarized below.

There are dozens of worm skins that you can buy, from original worms to unnatural shapes available in this game. To be able to get more interesting worms, you have to reach the level targeted by the game.

Worm Color

If you already bought the worm of your choice, but you don’t like the color. Take it easy, you can buy the color of the worm in the cabinet settings.

You can create your own colors on worms, from plain colors to a variety of colors, you can put them in your worms. The more color combinations you choose, the greater the cost you have to pay.

Worm’s Face

Not only the shape and color of worms you can create, but you can also adjust your face according to your taste. Like the picture below, you can change faces from eyes to mouth.

You can make your worm face funny or scary according to your taste. From his eyes, you can have from one eye to 7 eyes and mouth that are funny and creepy.

Top Global

 Now this is a challenge, even though the worm that you fight is a bot worm. But for the scoreboard you will compete with players around the world. This will be hard work but nothing is impossible if you do it carefully and patiently.

Buddy can also see the leaderboard starting from the best score daily, weekly and even the accumulation of all scores obtained. Break through to become the global top in the game Worms Zone.

Types of Foods and Items

In the game you will be able to eat all types of food ranging from cheese, fruits, vegetables and many others. Each meal has a different weight.

In addition, you can take items that have different abilities ranging from magnets, zoom out, radar and many others. Of course this will help you to eat more types of food.

Complete the mission

Usually you will get a mission when playing this game like a target to kill enemies and many others. Of course by completing this mission you will get a lot of coins.

How to Install Apk

To install this game is quite easy, friend, you can follow the steps below.

  • Download the apk file that has been shared above.
  • After downloading it, don’t forget to turn on the “unknown source” in the phone’s settings,
  • If the steps above have been done, click and install the apk file.
  • Wait until the installation process is complete.
  • Open and play the game.

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