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After being announced, the latest version has attracted a lot of user interest. As this new update brings many more optimized features, firstly, it improves settings on phones running having versions 5 and 6. Second, it improves the boot time for Youtube Vanced, Youtube Music, as well as improves performance. Third, this update brings a new look, is beautiful and suits the aesthetic point of view of many people.

This app allows you to force HDR playback or turn off 60 fps if you like the cinematic experience by recording the Codec option. You can change the default playback speed between 0.25x and 2x, depending on your listening needs and abilities.

For any type of device, this version can play sharp 4k quality videos due to its high resolution. This application also allows you to convert ads, Community tab posts, and movie sales. Banner information is compact but very clear. If you don’t like the comment or comment, you can delete it too to avoid inconvenience.

Apart from the previous version’s points, this latest version has other features that improve fluency when opening the application. This version provides color options to reduce eye strain and the phone’s battery life for the users.

The unique feature of both versions is blocking ads while watching videos, but this latest version adds a feature that allows you to play videos in the background or images in images (for Android version 8.0). Apart from that, you can also control the brightness and volume via the swipe control.

Youtube Vanced Apk

This version also provides an automatic repeat feature, allowing you to play songs or watch TikTok repeat videos. This also makes it easier for users to watch videos until they get bored. This feature saves you from having to manipulate to choose again.

In watching videos or listening to music, if you don’t like troublesome parts, you can skip, for example, the opening, closing and prompts for registration. This version also allows you to skip another category, the annoying segment.

You can find more information about how applications behave using APIs. At the same time, it allows you to contribute to a wider community and submit your own segment to the API.

Based on the categories played in the playback timeline, you can mark the segment with a different specific color. Skip ads or categories automatically; choose whether to show the button to ignore it or not ignore it altogether. You are in full control. This feature is proactive for users; they will not be confused by the change.

The idea for implementing this project came from the Xposed Module. In fact, at first the app was called YouTube Background Playback (a feature that runs in the background), then they changed the project name to YouTube Vanced (short for Advanced).

It is very annoying when using YouTube normally, because this application does not allow you to run in the background. When listening to your favorite song, your boyfriend sends messages on WA. You have to stop your favorite music and switch to another application to reply to messages

Features Youtube Vanced

We all know that the YouTube application has grown very rapidly even today. Hence, the number of ads they serve will only increase. To solve this, users have already found this hidden diamond which is called YouTube Vanced. But what can be done with this application?

In-house Adblocker – The biggest complaint of YouTube users is that the ads are very annoying. Most of the videos have curls and some creators even add 10 ads in one video. This can then ruin the viewing experience for some users. But it can’t be helped, if you want to support content creators, watching advertisements on the videos is one way.
Play videos in the background – Another barrier that most users face when using the YouTube app is the inability to play videos in the background. But on the YouTube Vanced app, you can activate a switch that allows you to do it! Now, you don’t need to download videos offline to be able to listen to them in the background. This feature is usually found in the Premium version of YouTube and costs a few dollars per month. So, it’s a good thing to have for free!
HDR mode – YouTube keeps updating and developing its application every year. Now, they even have HDR or High Dynamic Range mode which greatly improves video quality. The only problem with this feature is that not all phones support it. Fortunately, the Vanced app can enforce this feature on your cellphone so that it can play videos in the highest quality possible. In addition, you can have access to change the maximum resolution option that allows you to get resolutions that are not normally available on your device.
• Zoom in – If you have a large display screen on your phone, some videos may have difficulties. Luckily, YouTube Vanced allows you to pinch to zoom. This solves the problem easily so you can watch indefinitely!
Multiple themes – Another annoying issue that many users complain about on the default YouTube app is the lack of themes. Even though they introduced a dark theme recently, it’s not enough. But if you install YouTube Vanced, you can also access dark colors and more.
Window style – You can also adjust the minimized video window to the old or new one as you like. This is completely impossible in the default application which forces you to accept a new one.
Intricate customization – For tech-savvy people, the ability to tweak the settings on the app is a lot of fun. Since the default YouTube app doesn’t allow it, YouTube Vanced provides a solution. This application allows you to be able to change Codec options, maximize resolution, activate info cards, and so on. There are many settings that you can do in this application!
• Repeat videos – Another feature missing in the official app that most users want is the ability to play videos. If you want to listen to a song or video over and over again, then this option is useful.
Sliding controls – For maximum convenience, Vanced also allows you to slide to adjust volume and brightness just like on a streaming platform. Now, you don’t need to do it manually on your phone.

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