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Youtubers Life - Hello Friend Uptodown, back again with Mimin Uptodown who will accompany you in this article. How are you, friend today? hopefully...
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Youtubers Life – Hello Friend Uptodown, back again with Mimin Uptodown who will accompany you in this article. How are you, friend today? hopefully always keep healthy, physically healthy and also healthy, quota, hehe. . .

Of course Mimin will always share a game, application and tips on the latest and popular tricks every day just for uptodown visitors. On this occasion, Mimin would like to recommend a game that is mostly played by mobile users.

Maybe some of you are familiar with this game. Curious as to what games Mimin will share. Immediately, we refer to the following review.

Youtube is a platform that is now used as a source of money. Through creativity created and watched by many people. Now many people are competing to become a YouTuber. But it is not the application that is discussed, but the habits of a YouTuber who are appointed to the game.

Have you ever played a real life game that elevates the life of someone like The Sims and many other games. The game is YouTubers Life apk. Intrigued as to what games and features are included in this game, let’s review this game further.

YouTuber Life Apk

YouTubers game life game free is a game that lifts the character of a person who wants to become a Youtuber, my friend will be invited how to become a Youtuber starting from zero. From this game, you will be faced with several things that become problems and difficulties when you become a Youtuber.

With this very complete feature, you will find extraordinary things from creating content to responding to content that you create. Not only that, you will undergo a normal routine besides building your YouTube channel, from studying to doing side jobs.

From this side job, you will get a side income from which you can upgrade your computer or buy a game to be used as content. So YouTuber gaming is the story. . . The name of the game is swiped with another name.

You can find this game in the Play Store, but you have to pay to download this YouTube Live. For the price is quite expensive at IDR 10,000. This is very reasonable because the game download YouTuber Life provides very complete features.

Youtubers Life Apk Android Features

To find out its features, you can see below. Here are the features of the Youtubers Life apk game as follows:

Create Videos, Earn Money

Youtubers Life is a simulation game that helps you to achieve your dreams of becoming a world-famous YouTuber. The task that you have to do is to do the work of making video content, or live streaming to make money.

However, it’s not that easy to get started. Buddy must fight to play this game so that subscribers and views increase rapidly. For the gameplay sector, not only that, but my friend must maintain the condition of the body by dieting, sleeping, studying and working to taste just like people in the real world.

In the Android YouTuber Life game game, make your own YouTube channel with content and topics that are trending right now such as science, film, games, cooking and many others. After you have a YouTube channel you need to make videos for interesting video content, starting with opening and more.

After that, you just have to edit it and upload it to your channel continuously to increase views and subscribers. The greater the view and subscriber, the more money you will get.

From this money, you can get better supporting items such as cameras, computers, camcorders and others. This is what will make your videos more quality that can attract viewers to be interested.

Make a Character

Really this is the best simulation game that Mimin feels, because you can build a character according to your fashion. You can change the shape of your face, clothes, hair like king of ashiapp and many others.

It’s very rare for YouTubers Life simulation game to download this complete Android. Of course you will not regret downloading this game YouTuber Life.

Complete Items

To become a great YouTuber, it will not develop if you don’t upgrade supporting items in this free YouTubers life game.

You can find a dishop feature, PC World & Tech. Here you can buy lots of new types of devices and support. such as the latest computers, microphones, webcams, cellphones, and even editing software. The mimin mentioned is still not all of them, there are many others.

Run the Quest

There are several quests that you have to do starting from the YouTube environment and the real world. Buddy, of course, you shouldn’t be in your room and take care of your content. Because later your friend will be angry, prioritizing studying and getting enough sleep.

In real life, this is very natural for a YouTuber who is still studying. In addition, in this game YouTuber Life download, you can do a quest by working side to get money.

How to Install Apk

Confused how to install this game? Friend, you can directly follow the steps below.

  • As usual you download Youtuber Life Android first on the link that has been provided above.
  • After you download Youtubers Life apk, don’t install it right away. Buddy must turn on “unknown sources” in the phone’s settings to allow installation of third-party applications.
  • After the above conditions have been made. Just click and install the apk file. wait until the installation process is complete.
  • Open the game and play.
  • Done.

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