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Zenonia 5 Mod Apk - Hello Friend Uptodown everyone, come back again with Mimin who never gets bored sharing applications, games, and...
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Zenonia 5 Mod Apk – Hello Friend Uptodown everyone, come back again with Mimin who never gets bored sharing applications, games, and tips on the latest and most popular tricks today. Surely you miss waiting for the latest updates from Mimin, right?

In this article Mimin wants to share a game that is quite well known. This game is themed RPG, curious as to what game will be shared this time? Continue to look at the reviews that are given below.

Android games are very fun to play especially not complicated in playing and flexible. Lots of android game genres that you can download and play, one of which is an RPG game. RPG game lovers are certainly looking forward to many series of games ranging from online to offline games.

Although a lot of online games are scattered in the application store, but not a few RPG game lovers who choose offline games. Of course this is an alternative if you do not have a data package and relax when the activity fatigue.

One of the RPG games that can be played offline is Zenonia 5 apk. Curious as to what the game is and what features are included in this game, buddy, see the detailed description below.

Zenonia 5 Apk

Zenonia 5 blackmod is a classic type RPG game, although this game is classic but contains funny 3D elements. Several series on the Zenonia game one of which is Zenonia 4 mod apk. of course there is an increase compared to the download game Zenonia 4 mod equip weapon all levels.

Interestingly Zenonia 5 Android Republic is a continuation from before and has attracted the interest of its users. A unique display that carries a classic 3D look that adds its own value and characteristics of RPG games.

Wheel of Destiny is an action and role (RPG) game. Here you can make the main character from four types of hero choices with different abilities (Mechanic, Berserker, Mage or Paladin) so that you can help to save Zenonia’s magical world.

The battles in this game take place in real tempo. Buddy must exert all abilities on the character to be able to defeat hundreds of opponents along the adventure obstacles.

When you defeat your opponent and also complete the mission, your character will gain increases starting from new levels, attributes and skills. You can certainly equip your character with objects, armor and different weapons to match your soldiers’ appearance and statistics.

Zenonia 5, this RPG game is very suitable for you to play the same as other games, but added with the usual graphics and a dynamic match system.

The game which was directed by the evil digital game company seemed to be excellent with the number of downloads which reached 400 thousand users. This is a pretty fantastic thing for RPG-type games.

Play game

Zenonia 5 god mode game: Wheel of Destiny offers a PvP mode, so the characters you play can fight each other in the battle arena.

Whoever wins the battle will certainly be able to get a prize, but if you lose it will certainly not get anything huh. So be the strongest to be able to get rewards and upgrade your character.

Zenonia Features 5

In this game has quite complete features, here are some features that you can enjoy while playing the Zenonia 5 game.


There are 4 hero characters with different classes. Friend can have one of 4 heroes who have great abilities. The hero characters include Berserker, Mage, Mechanic, and Paladin who have unique strengths and special movements.


The gameplay sector is quite good and also dynamic. Complete the abilities of your hero hero by increasing your level and also completing the abilities of each skill by unlocking the mystery of Deva Castle.

PvP mode

Fight in PvP mode. You will fight with various types of NPCs from all over the place, if you win and hockey, you will have the opportunity to be able to get rare legendary items.

New challenges

Look for new challenges. Every mission you pass will be able to give each new challenge and will never end. This way you will be able to explore and solve the mysteries contained in the game Zenonia 5.

Capacity Building

According to Mimin, this feature is a very complete feature. Friend, you will be able to improve your abilities with some of the features below.

  • Skills: From here you can improve your skills and choose different types of items with a variety of skills. You can put this skill in the ability slot.
  • Status: This is a feature where we can see statistics about your character’s abilities. There are 3 components, namely HP, SP, EXP. In addition to abilities or skills there are 10 types, namely ATT, DEF, HIT, EVA, CRI, CRI.DMG, STR, DEX, CON, INT.
  • Complete: on this feature you can upgrade the six skills that are in status. The greater the rare items obtained, the friend’s stats will increase. The difference from skill is to increase the item to increase stats.
  • Inven: This feature is done as a collector of items that have been obtained by friend. Inventory has a limit for buying goods, discard items that are not needed.
  • Quest: In this feature is gathering friends to do missions in order to get items.
  • Other: There are many other features that you can do on this game, namely Fairy and System.

How to Install Apk

Installing this game is quite easy, but for those of you who are confused about how to install it can be read by the steps below.

  • The first step is to download the previous game that you have shared above.
  • After downloading it, don’t install it guys. First check whether “unknown source” or “unknown source” has been turned on by checking it in the phone’s settings.
  • If the steps above have been done, you can directly click and install the apk file.
  • Wait until the installation process is complete.
  • Open and play the game!

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